Friday, June 8, 2007

I Heart Custom Orders

They're my favorite thing to do! Something that I know someone wants or is interested in. Here's a hat I just finished for someone:

I've also been busy making children's sun hats. Paula from Uxcritter has graciously offered to have some of my hats on her table in Goodwood! I would have gotten my own table there, but Rob will be out of town that weekend. Here are some of the hats I have completed. I'v also made a blue one with pink & purple strips, I just don't have a picture yet!

Last, but not least. This is the hat the I made to donate to my friend for her JDRF walk. Her youngest daughter has juvenielle diabetes and she's been doing a great job raising money to help find a cure. The least I could do was make up a hat to send her to include in their auction!

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