Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why People Stop By!

It's interesting to see what people are searching for when they land on my blog. Lately a lot of people coming have been searching for information on The Weekend To End Women's Cancers (Formerly the Weekend to End Breast Cancer)

If this is something you are considering signing up for - DO IT! You will not regret your decision. If you're worried about fundraising - just get creative! When I signed up for my first walk (only last year) that was my big worry too. How will I raise the minimum required $2000 to be able to walk. It took some work, but it was great and you know - I raised more then just the $2000!

What did I do? I sent personalized emails to people asking for donations and explained why I was walking. Cancer effects so many people. Chances are if your asking someone they've either been effected by cancer or knows someone who has been. Which sucks.

I also got my community involved. I found a local organizer of a huge used clothing sale and my team set up a bake sale table. I had a friend having a street sale and she invited our team to set up a table and sell stuff - all proceeds going to the walk. We signed it well and told everyone - this way we had very few people haggling over prices! Some people even brought us stuff to sell or just handed us over a donation and we did bottle drives.

I also made stuff and sold it. Which inspired others to make stuff! Within the past 2 years I've made hats and lip balm cozies which I've sold and donated the proceeds to the walk which here benefits the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Then it grew - I had an amazing glass bead maker make handmade lampwork buttons that I used on my lipbalm cozies, an incredible seamstress made beautiful wallets made out of pink ribbon material that were sold, a bath and body maker made custom lip balm with our team name and url to go with my lip balm cozies! It's a snowball effect. If you start it and get the word out it grows. People want to help! Bookbinders, jewlery makers, card makers and more have all helped me by making handmade items that they've sold and donated the proceeds.

What can you do? Do you bake? Cook? Have a girls night in party with a min donation required. Does your local grocery store allow charities to hold bbqs? A garage sale and ask everyone you know for stuff to sell. Ask a store manager if you can set up a table and ask for donations from their customers (hand out ribbons, or our kids made pink and white zipper pulls/keychains!). The biggest thing that you may have to overcome is asking people for money. It's a good idea to remember that you're not askign for a handout. You're asking for money to help make a difference it the lives of millions. Don't you want to be a part of that?!?!

Yes, committing to this walk is a bit of a commitment. Yes, the idea of raising $2000 can seem scary. But you know what?!?! Anyone can do it - including YOU! You just need to put that thinking cap on and get to work. Ask your friends for ideas! It's not hard. And the memories you make from the walk will be worth it. So much so that you may find it a bit addictive:)