Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cozies Completed and Labels Arrived

I have official finished making the 20 lip balm cozies. All proceeds will go to Breast Cancer. The sell for $12 each and are available through my Etsy shop or if you're a friend and know my email - let you know you want one and I'll put it aside for you. If you'd like to purchase one and I don't have it listed yet you can either contact me through Etsy, email me or leave me a comment here.

17 are of the tube variety and 3 are of the pot/tub variety. Here's a picture of the 3 cozies for the tubs.

I was also excited to check the mail and see that my labels have arrived. Labels to go in my hats. I'll have to do some experimenting on where to put them, etc, but they are very soft.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Breast Cancer Cozy for a Pot !

For lip balm of course!

After completing the 17 lip balm cozies for Breast Cancer Awareness I still had 3 buttons left over. I pondered and then someone asked if I was going to make the cozies for the pots/tubs. So I did. Well I made one anyways. This one. I will make 2 more, but I ran out of the light pink cotton, which shocked me since I'm usually pretty good at keeping up with my inventory. So here's the cozy for a pot.

Plus I've taken another picture of some of the remaining tube lip balm cozies so you can see them better.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lip Balm Cozies for Breast Cancer~

I was so excited to come home to the beautiful glass buttons. I managed to get 17 of the lip balm cozies completed, 3 more to go. I am participating in the 60km Weekend To End Breast Cancer in June 2009 and made this to help with my fundraising. These cozies are $12 each with the proceeds going to the walk. They are crocheted with 100% mercerized cotton and come complete with a handmade, lampwork glass button.

The buttons were made specifically for the cozies by the most incredible glass artist Gillian Soskin. They totally make the cozy! Thank you Gillian for helping me with my vision of these little guys!

If you know me you can purchase one of these cuties directly from me. Just call or email me. Or if you'd like to support such a wonderful cause please visit my Etsy site to make a purchase online. You do have to register on the Etsy site in order to complete the transaction. You can do so here.

I also encourage you to check out Gillian's Etsy Site too. Gorgeous handmade lampwork beads and buttons (if you can beat me to them!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vacation from Crafting??? Um..NO

Our family is getting getting ready to go on a vacation. Camping in the wilderness. But alas that does not mean that there will be no crafting. I have whittled my stash down small enough to fit into a bag. What am I planning on bringing?

The 4th pair of socks that I've started. Socks are great for travelling. They don't require a whole lot of space. A little box filled with my lip balm cozy requirement. Sadly the mail did not bring the gorgeous buttons I am waiting for but I'm hoping to have a bunch of cozies ready and waiting for the pink ribbon buttons. And yarn and buttons for scarflettes.

How realistic is it for me to finish everything? I have no idea, but at least I'll have some variety and hopefully I'll have either a bunch of finished projects to post when we return or a bunch of almost finished products to post!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hat Delivery

I just finished the hats that I'm taking to a local store to sell! It was nice to be able to sit down and just create whatever I felt like at the time and not having to worry about recreating something that I've already done. Here they are:

0-3mth hats

3-6mth hats:

6-12mth hats:

12-24mth hats:

2T-4T hats:

And a couple of pictures of all the hats together:

Sneak Peak at the Pink Ribbon Buttons

I'm looking forward to checking my mail box in the next two days, hoping for a small miracle that our lovely post system will deliver the sweetest buttons to me. I'm so excited to get these buttons and start making the lip balm cozies.

Here's a sneak peak of the buttons I'm anxiously awaiting. I think Gillian did the most incredible job:
Carol from String Me Along has also offered to make a donation to my raffle! The generosity of fellow crafters is just incredible. Thank you to everyone.
Of course I'll be taking pictures of all the fabulous goodies when they arrive to show everyone!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sherwood Forest Socks

I finished my 3rd pair of socks! Here they are. They are made with 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon and hand dyed.

Love them!

I've barely started my 4th pair. I have a lot on my plate right now so it may take awhile for me to spend anytime with them.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Finished hats

I had a couple of custom orders this week. The two visor beanies were adorable. They're in a 3 to 6mth size and so cute.

I was anxiously awaiting a new cotton order to come in with new colours. It finally arrived. The two grey hats are a product of the new cotton. It was a new supplier and although the cotton was suppose to be a worsted weight, I really don't think it was. It took a bit of adjusting to get the hats to work with this new cotton. But the new colours are awesome! Dark Grey, Light Pink, Rust, Dark Brown and Khaki! Very exciting.

Even more exciting news. My hats will be going into a local retail store soon! I have to get busy on those.