Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flapper Hats and Lacy Beanies Finished

I finished up the wholesale order I've been working on. Twenty Five hats in a combination of flapper style and lacy beanies.

I love the colours. Very Spring and Easter like. I'll be delivering these today. WooHoo!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun Work in Progress of Flapper Hats and Lacy Beanies

I'm working on 25 hats to bring to 3 Little Monkeys on Bank Street in Ottawa. March break threw me behind schedule, but it's coming along nicely!
I thought it would be fun to show a work in progress. All of the hats are completed and ends darned in. I have 18 of the 25 flowers finished and as you can see I still need to darn in the ends and sew them on the hats.

This is a picture of the hats in their "size" pile. Important to keep track of which size flower needs to be made

And a picture of the hats with the flowers that are done so far. As you can see there are lots of ends to darn in.
There are some really cute hats and colour combos in this order!

Limited Edition Vintage Fabric Bib for a Good Cause

I have been so fortunate to have "meet" some great artisans. Since signing up and fundraising for the 60km Weekend To End Breast Cancer many artisans have offered to make and sell something with all the proceeds going to my walk.

Rikrak made the cutest limited edition raspberries and cream vintage little quilt fabric bib . How sweet is this. Makes a perfect gift for someone you know or even a great addition for your own baby. And not only will you feel all warm and fuzzy for buying such a great product from an amazing seller, but you can also feel warm and fuzzy for supporting The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in their efforts to help men and women fighting breast cancer.
Thank you Rikrak for your support and thank you to all the great buyers who have been purchasing the products from artisans who support great causes like the fight against Breast Cancer.
Other items that are still for sale that will benefit Breast Cancer are here:
Sixth and Elm's wood burned box with an antique stain.
Adorn You's charm bracelet
Stuff by Steph's rug for your mug and journaling tags
Prices of these items range from $50 to $5. Thanks to everyone for their support!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Professional Shots

I was so excited to open my email this morning to see that Shipra Panosian had sent me some pictures she had taken of my hats! I already listed one on my Etsy site. I'm not sure if the pictures are large enough to list on my iCraft site, but I will try soon. Of course I take custom orders on either site.

Here's just a sample of the pictures Shipra sent to me:
She has some other hats that she is going to shoot for me as well. I just can't wait to see them. If you are located in her area of Whitefield, Main. I highly recommend you seek her out for your family shots. Just look at her work!
(Blogger is driving me batty! I have tried and tried to get several spaces in here, but it's not working! hehe)
I've been very fortunate to have met and worked with Natasha Moine who is local for me. She works out of Ottawa and is such a sweet heart to work with. Amazing with children as we learned first hand when she took some incredible family pictures for us. She's also taken some product shots for me.

And of course Melissa Fullmer who is in the Texas area has also taken some gorgeous pictures for me. She's expecting her 2nd child very soon and I'm hoping that once that little girl arrives that I'll be seeing some more cute pictures arriving soon:) Can't wait.

It's like receiving little gifts when I open my email to see pictures of children wearing my hats. Whether it's professional shots for my listings and products or even when customers send me pictures of themselves and their kids wearing my loopy hats. I just love it! So please keep the pictures coming.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Soap Addiction

Since opening my Etsy store I've been introduced to some great artisans. I love to buy handmade items. One of which is soap! I've read a few blog posts recently who showed off their soap collections and I thought it would be a fun thing to do. One day last week I took out my soaps from one drawer. I didn't bother to go through my house and pull soap and goodies from my other stashes like the fridge for the muscle cream from Bovine Bubbles or my purse for soap on the go from Carvel Country Soap. And of course it doesn't include all the soaps, bath salts, candles and melts that I have purchased to pass on to my mom. Which I think equals this stash:)
What's in my soap stash? Fabulous handmade soaps from Clean and Bright, Shannon's Irish Bliss, Bovine Bubbles and Carmel. Bar Shampoo from Carmel Soaps and liquid hand soap from Carvel.

If you start it's hard to stop!

I'll also admit I'm a paper addict. I love to buy handmade cards. I won't even take a picture of all the cards I have. But I am very good at giving handmade cards for almost all occasions. I still have a few of the store cards that are in my stash that I have to hand out every once in awhile. My card stash became a little out of control so I switched it over to soap.

And since I gave a shout out to some of my favorite soap makers I'll also give a little shout out to some of my favorite handmade card makers. I've bought from all these sellers multiple times. There are many others that I'd recommend too but my list woud be a bit nightmarish if I listed them all! But I love, love, love the products from Creative Paper Trail, Amie Hartman Designs, and DZ Designs just to name a few. There are sooo many though:)

I think my soap addiction has become a little out of control now too. What should I buy now?!?

I will admit that I have now started to buy handmade kids clothes to replace my once handmade card addiction turned handmade soap addiction.

Cute Little Flappers

Here's a picture of the latest wee hats I made and sent out.

They were a custom order for someone in Vancouver who had purchased one of my hats from a local store who had run out of the smaller sizes. Thanks so much for finding me! I love custom orders and sell my hats in my Etsy Store and my iCraft Store online.
I'm working on another order for 3 Little Monkeys which is a local store on Bank St. They've also run out of the smaller sizes. I'm excited to get this order completed and dropped off since there are some cute new hats that I'm creating! Of course pictures will follow:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Trying To Get Up To Speed

I've done a ton of creating lately. I just haven't had time to get things set up to show off all the work! So here's a quick post to get caught up.

I made this gorgeous soft ecru visor beanie with the pale pink flower. One of my recent favs I think.

An adult flapper in sage green with a double layer brown flower. The sage is such a great colour.

And my very latest. A beanie for Breast Cancer Awareness which is for sale here in my Etsy shop. It sells for $32 and all the proceeds will be donated to the 60km Weekend To End Breast Cancer walk I'm participating in. I'm getting there. Just over $700 left to raise to meet my $2000 goal. If you'd like to make an online donation (Receipts automatically issued for donations over $10 to Canadians) you can visit my page here. Thanks!
And I recently sent off some Lip Balm Cozy Keychains that will become part of some Team TransCanada Goodie Bags which will sell on the TransCanada Etsy page for a steal! Watch for them. (Sorry the picture is sideways)