Monday, September 28, 2009

Final 20 of the 104 order shipped!

I shipped off the final 20 hats of the 104 hat order I was working on last week. These last 20 hats had some great new colour combinations including one of my new favorite. Here's a picture of just a few of the hats that were included in this order.

I thought I'd be ready to work on orders for my upcoming shows but this is not the case. Approx 57 more hats to make and THEN I can start working on inventory for shows. Although I think I will have to start sneaking some inventory in between orders soon or I won't have anything for my tables!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

24 more hats on their way!

Today I shipped off another 24 hats. And once again I did not have time to take a picture. 28 left to go and I can start working on inventory for my upcoming shows...well and orders I get between now and then!

Even though I didn't take pictures of those last 24 hats I do have some pictures to share!

This is a picture of the 15 hats I delivered last week to a shop in Kanata that carries just the smaller sizes. They made an appearance at the Baby Boom Show so who knows how many are left!

I had a customer ask me to make some sweet hats for two girls that are part of triplets and sent the two pink ones. The visor beanie is for their older sister.

Kim, a local photographer emailed me late last week asking what I had in stock for newborn hats, which was nothing, but I was quickly able to get these cuties off the hook for her and ready for her newborn weekend photo shoots! Can't wait to see the pictures from that. The hats always look WAY cuter on then flat or on styrofoam balls! lol

Sunday, September 13, 2009

50 hats delivered / shipped

Woo Hoo - On Sept 9 I managed to ship and deliver 50 hats. Phew. It sure felt good!
I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the 32 hats I shipped off to Denver. It's part of a much larger order that I'm still working on. I do have pictures on my other camera of the 3 hats I shipped off to BC and the 15 hats I dropped off at a local store.

I did take a picture on the camera I just uploaded of this hat that was purchased as part of a fundraiser for The Weekend To End Cancer. I had made another hat that was very close for her cousin that was a hot pink hat, a yellow centre and the flower petals were blue. The girls like to have the same, but different so switching up the flower colours is always a great option for situations like this.

I also received an email from a photographer in Hamilton who was in town and purchased one of my hats at a store in the Market. How great that she contacted me and was kind enough to share her pictures! This is one that she took. Thank you Traci from Creative Simplicity! Makes my heart melt:)

Right now I'm working on finishing the large order for Denver. I believe there are about 43 hats still to go. I'm almost done all the hats and will soon start adding the flowers! Some great new colour combinations coming. Plus I have a few other custom orders and I'm trying to sneak in some hats to take to the store in the market. All in all it's still very busy and no time for knitting socks yet!