Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Hats

All the hats I've been making lately seem to be turning out smaller then I intend. I think I'll have to go up to a bigger hook next time.

Here are two beanies. The pictures don't show their true colours very well, everything has a bit of a blue ting in the picture. One of the beanies is blue and the other is done with variegated cotton that reminds me of sherbert.

Here's a skull hat I made. It's intended for a girl around 7, I think. I should measure it to be sure. It's actually purple, but looks blue in this picture. Not sure if I'll make it again. Kind of looks like a bell in this picture?!?!

The jury is still out on this next one. I attempted to do a monograph on the hat. This was my first attempt, which I think I'll rip out and try to do it with a double strand instead. I'm also wondering if I should use a brighter shade of pink too? Hmmmm decisions.

And lastly, here's a kerchief I made. I messed it up so Syd gets to claim it as her own. A minor mess up that I'm sure most wouldn't notice, but I do, so I doesn't go in the sale bin! Which is fine because she loves it and has been wearing it all the time.

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