Friday, March 20, 2009

Soap Addiction

Since opening my Etsy store I've been introduced to some great artisans. I love to buy handmade items. One of which is soap! I've read a few blog posts recently who showed off their soap collections and I thought it would be a fun thing to do. One day last week I took out my soaps from one drawer. I didn't bother to go through my house and pull soap and goodies from my other stashes like the fridge for the muscle cream from Bovine Bubbles or my purse for soap on the go from Carvel Country Soap. And of course it doesn't include all the soaps, bath salts, candles and melts that I have purchased to pass on to my mom. Which I think equals this stash:)
What's in my soap stash? Fabulous handmade soaps from Clean and Bright, Shannon's Irish Bliss, Bovine Bubbles and Carmel. Bar Shampoo from Carmel Soaps and liquid hand soap from Carvel.

If you start it's hard to stop!

I'll also admit I'm a paper addict. I love to buy handmade cards. I won't even take a picture of all the cards I have. But I am very good at giving handmade cards for almost all occasions. I still have a few of the store cards that are in my stash that I have to hand out every once in awhile. My card stash became a little out of control so I switched it over to soap.

And since I gave a shout out to some of my favorite soap makers I'll also give a little shout out to some of my favorite handmade card makers. I've bought from all these sellers multiple times. There are many others that I'd recommend too but my list woud be a bit nightmarish if I listed them all! But I love, love, love the products from Creative Paper Trail, Amie Hartman Designs, and DZ Designs just to name a few. There are sooo many though:)

I think my soap addiction has become a little out of control now too. What should I buy now?!?

I will admit that I have now started to buy handmade kids clothes to replace my once handmade card addiction turned handmade soap addiction.

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