Saturday, March 21, 2009

Professional Shots

I was so excited to open my email this morning to see that Shipra Panosian had sent me some pictures she had taken of my hats! I already listed one on my Etsy site. I'm not sure if the pictures are large enough to list on my iCraft site, but I will try soon. Of course I take custom orders on either site.

Here's just a sample of the pictures Shipra sent to me:
She has some other hats that she is going to shoot for me as well. I just can't wait to see them. If you are located in her area of Whitefield, Main. I highly recommend you seek her out for your family shots. Just look at her work!
(Blogger is driving me batty! I have tried and tried to get several spaces in here, but it's not working! hehe)
I've been very fortunate to have met and worked with Natasha Moine who is local for me. She works out of Ottawa and is such a sweet heart to work with. Amazing with children as we learned first hand when she took some incredible family pictures for us. She's also taken some product shots for me.

And of course Melissa Fullmer who is in the Texas area has also taken some gorgeous pictures for me. She's expecting her 2nd child very soon and I'm hoping that once that little girl arrives that I'll be seeing some more cute pictures arriving soon:) Can't wait.

It's like receiving little gifts when I open my email to see pictures of children wearing my hats. Whether it's professional shots for my listings and products or even when customers send me pictures of themselves and their kids wearing my loopy hats. I just love it! So please keep the pictures coming.


Shipra Panosian said...

oooh! This is so much fun, I feel like we're giggling over the internet together. I love your stuff!

Didn't realise till I saw your blog the amount of beanie VOLUME you've made. Do your fingers ever cramp??

DangAndBlast! said...

Random question -- how are you dealing with the cpsia? So far as I've heard, they haven't done an exemption for natural materials yet; but I'm not seeing testing certificates with your stuff... so long as you don't actually *show* children, you might have an out with the "it's for adults/dolls that adults play with" line (like the hairbow-maker that switched their website photos to bows on dogs!), but these pictures clearly demonstrate that they're designed as children's products... So how's that working?

(Incidentally, I like your work, I've subscribed to your blog for some time now, and I similarly wonder about the state of your fingers.)

LoopyJ said...

Thanks for the great comments! Always fun to read :)

Yes, lol my fingers to cramp. And it may also be interesting to note that I actually have arthitis in my wrists and elbows. Not so fun. But I manage through it. Who knows how long I'll be able to do this for, but I do love to create.

Regarding CPSIA. Good question. And I should actually do a new post for it. Right now they have given an extension so I do not have to call manufacturers to get their testing certificates. Given the nature of my work and that I live in Canada most of my sales are actually wholesale to local stores and local buyers. I do not want to lose out on the market to my South (Yay! USA) so I will continue to monitor and take the necessary action as it's required.

Good questions! I hope I've given you a sufficient answer.