Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just in the Nick of Time

Last night I picked up the mitts from my friend to go with the hat I posted yesterday. Here they are. I will once again say that these are by far the best mittens ever! So warm and cozy. Love them and I'm happy to share them with an awesome buyer I have.

I also finished a hat for my hubby that will be wrapped momentarily. He has been asking me for a hat for about 2 years. Heavily for the last year. I don't think he was actually expecting me to finish one in time for Christmas but here it is.
The only question that remains is can I finish a pair of socks in time? Tick tock.

And let me just gush about my camera for a second. I love my new camera! Nikon D60. I took these pictures this morning. The sun is not fully up yet. The room is still quiet dark. I didn't use a flash. They are no where near perfect pictures, but I am thrilled with the clarity and even the fact that it picked up the blues in the dark hat for my hubby!


Highoncraft said...

Yay! Way to go Loopy. All that AND you made popcorn balls! :D

mchen said...

Wow, everything looks great, loopy!! The hats, the mitts, and the pics too :) Congrats, and woohoo for hubby!