Monday, September 8, 2008

Proceeds go towards Breast Cancer Research

I've had a huge response from fellow Etsyians offering to donate items for me to sell to put the money towards the 60km Weekend To End Breast Cancer walk I am taking part in in June 2009.

Today MyHandBoundBooks posted this gorgeous hot pink mini-journal on her Etsy site. She will donate the money towards my walk! So check it out. Here's the listing for this beauty here. Here journals are amazing. I love the ones I have so I know you won't be disappointed if you pick this one up. Plus you get the warm fuzzies every time you use it knowing your money went to a good cause!
I still must take some pictures of the beautiful earrings StringMeAlong sent me too. Again the money from those will also go to the walk. They're so pretty!!
So thank you very much to MyHandBoundBooks and to StringMeAlong for your generosity!! You guys rock:)


UxCritter said...

This is a super wonderful offering of these two Etsyian's! I'll go post the link in the thread so that more may take up the challenge and add to the offering. I know I want to too.

Gillianbeads said...

Loopy, what you're doing is fabulous! A 60km walk is impressive, and all for a very good cause!
I love that book by Handbound, lovely gesture too!

High On Craft said...

That's wonderful! I've been admiring Handbound's books since July. Just a matter of time before I buy one.

Carol said...

Best of luck with the fundraising, Jay. Your efforts are an incredible gesture, and I am sure that women everywhere applaud and thank you.

jennifer said...

beautiful donation from handbound books and to such a wonderful cause. congratulations on your fund raising to date, loopy. you are to be admired.