Friday, May 2, 2008

Warm Feet

I've heard how addictive it is to make socks. It's something I just never did before. I prefer to crochet over knitting. But I took the plunge. I've been oogling over sock yarn for sometime now. The other day my Mom was in town and asked to go to the yarn store. While there I bought some fabulous yarn that's a mix of merino wool, alpaca & silk. Ooohhh so nice to work with. And I picked up some sock yarn.

Although I'm not even done my first sock I love making them! They take awhile to make, at least for me, but I really enjoy it. I also think socks will be something I keep for me & gifts for others. I'm holding back looking at other sock yarn now. Although I did just buy a beautiful set of stitch markers that will be perfect for socks! I can't wait to get them. I may have to buy more sock yarn just to try out the new stitch markers.

The one thing I did want was bamboo needles. The problem is they didn't have the size I needed. The one size that was sold out! Go figure. So perhaps when I finally get around to getting new bamboo needles I'll once again have to go buy some new sock yarn. It's a vicious circle really.

1 comment:

Uli said...

I would definitely recommend bamboo needles. That's all I knit with now. And I hope you will really enjoy those stitch markers. :-)