Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scarflettes with Handmade Glass Buttons

I bought these gorgeous handmade glass buttons from GillanBeads . I thought they'd add so much to my scarflettes and they really have. I made one yesterday and loved it so much that I had to make two more to see how they turned out. You can bet I'll be picking up more of these buttons.

My camera was about to shut down due to low batteries, so I had to work fast and furious just to get these pictures. I'll be taking more later to list them. Not sure if I should wait until the fall to list them though? When I do they'll be listed at $25US, each. I hope you like them since there will be more coming!


Pegg said...

Loopy, they are lovely!! Gillian's glass buttons compliment your gorgeous work beautifully!!

LoopyJ said...

Thank you Pegg!