Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finished Projects

It feels so great to finish projects and recently I've finished a few.

Yesterday I made some washcloths. I had made another set before, but never took a picture of the first set. The first set was made using variegated yarn of lime green & white. This is the 2nd set I made.

I was also asked if I could make my flower power coasters in some retro colours. This project was very exciting because I was finally able to source some brown cotton!!! Something that I've been looking for for awhile now but wasn't having any luck with.

Last, but not least, I finished the lip balm cozy order. Again, another job that I am thrilled with the end results. It may be hard to see in the pictures, but some of them are meant to look like cupcakes and even have sprinkles on them. How cute are there?

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The Dangerous Mezzo said...

I'm really looking forward to my washcloths! Thanks, loopy ...