Friday, May 11, 2007

Lip Balm Cozy

I'm a lip balm addict. Specifically Carmex. Love my Carmex. Go crazy without my Carmex.

So I made these. I attempted to put a snap on the orange one but it didn't work out. I managed to get it on the top part, but not on the bottom. It's just too think (by mere millimeters I'm sure). Even with the manly strength of my husband I had now luck! hehe.

I've claimed the pink variegated one already and it is attached to my key chain and I love it! Never have to go searching for my lip balm again. I'm almost done another orange one. Just need to attach the button to it. I'm thinking of making a ton of these for my craft show in November. I think they'd make great stocking stuffer for about $6! I guess I'll make some regular lip stick ones too since a lot of people use them too.

(Sorry the 2nd picture is so fuzzy - my little guy kept pulling on me while I was trying to take it. But you get the idea!)


Dre said...

O.M.G too cute Jay! these are awesome!

Jane said...

Those are wicked! You are totally creative! Can't wait to see the lipstick ones...