Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Hats!

Check it out - I'm going to be offering new hats soon. Well I actually already do if you shop in person!

These are the new visor beanies I'm making. I sell them without flowers. $24 for kids, $32 for adult. However these prices will be going up in the fall. I also sell flowers separately that are on clips. They can be purchased to change the look of the hat or to be worn in hair. They are $5 each.

But here's a picture of the new hat:

Actually if you've been around for awhile you know they're not that new. I've made them for the little ones before on a special request. But now they will be offered on a more regular basis and in more sizes. They are not listed yet in any of my shops so if you want one - contact me and leave your email address or send me a message through facebook - www.facebook.com/loopy4ewe


Danielle said...

These are my FAVORITE hats!!!

Mister said...

My wife's eye was caught by your hats back in the fall, but I missed you at the Walter Baker centre in Ottawa. I'm hoping to see you there on Saturday.
I was wondering what the policy is for an exchange if I get the wrong colour?

LoopyJ said...

That's great! I hope to see you there:) Yes - I am happy to exchange for a different colour or size. I try to remember to include my card with every sale so you'll have my contact information and we can arrange to get you the perfect hat!

Fine Hand said...

Love this style of hat!...I am from Ottawa also, will have to check your products out in person when I have a chance...good luck at your shows!