Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ask and you shall receive! Some of the latest custom orders

I've done a multitude of custom orders lately both from the online sites and from the shows I've attended. The moral of this post -I don't have everything in my online shops that I make. So if you think I can make something - ask! I probably can. Different colour combos, add a flower, whatever! There's just no way I can make all the hats and have pictures taken of them to post. Not enough hours in the day. And lets face it, on the rare occasion I do allow myself to slack off and take a hat free day:) Not often, but it happens on occasion.

This one is so cute I had to post 1 pictures of it so you could get the full view. One of the new colours I've been working with (sold out - waiting for a new shipment!) is Abbey Rose with the Burnt Orange - beautiful!

And as you can see it's an earflap hat with a flower :)

I also get a lot of requests for single coloured visors. Not a problem. I love the black here with the black flower. I've done this with the flapper style too - charcoal with a charcoal flower. Nice and subtle.

And 2 or 3 toned flowers! Not a great shot but you get the idea. The hats here are celery and the centre of the flower is celery for each of them. One row of petals one colour and the outside another colour. Very cute!

And I just really liked these hats - all in soft ecru with the rose pink and celery flower. Don't you love my new wicker heads too! So much nicer then that styrofoam ball!
I'm attending one more show this Sunday. Details are in the previous post. Well actually there's one last show after that but it's at an office building. I'm still maintaining my quick turn around and hats are still being shipped out within 3-5 days!


Rhonda Miller said...

they all look fabulous!

JennyB said...

Hi there! I got my hat in the mail when I got back from Florida. it's perfect and fits jaime perfectly too! I'd send you a pic but she refuses to keep a hat on her head. Mommy WILL win this battle ;)