Tuesday, November 18, 2008

20 Hats Ready to Roll

I just finished tagging (and making of course) the last of my first order I'm delivery to a cute local store! Here are the 20 hats I made for 3 Little Monkeys. And out of these I think I now of new favorites!

I just love this pastel pink with the white flower and celery center!

And for boys I love this brown with soft ecru stripes...a little Oreo cookie hat:) Yummy!

I thought my camera was ready to bite the dust. Instead what I realized is that little fingers have attacked it. Hopefully I have solved the problem and any other pictures I take will be with out the bit of smudging!


Amie Hartman said...

Oh, I love Oreos! Great work as usual!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! Go loopy go!