Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cozies Completed and Labels Arrived

I have official finished making the 20 lip balm cozies. All proceeds will go to Breast Cancer. The sell for $12 each and are available through my Etsy shop or if you're a friend and know my email - let you know you want one and I'll put it aside for you. If you'd like to purchase one and I don't have it listed yet you can either contact me through Etsy, email me or leave me a comment here.

17 are of the tube variety and 3 are of the pot/tub variety. Here's a picture of the 3 cozies for the tubs.

I was also excited to check the mail and see that my labels have arrived. Labels to go in my hats. I'll have to do some experimenting on where to put them, etc, but they are very soft.

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Dre said...

those look great!