Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Off the hook

A few of the items that have come off my hook lately:

I have a lot of people ask why I don't make lip balm cozies for the tubes and not just the tubs. I actually do. I just have so many things on the go that I usually only make them when I have a special request for one. Here was one of those requests.

This hat is kind of new for me too. I haven't had a chance to list any but I've been working away making some of them in various sizes and colours. It's the basic flapper beanie I make, but the scalloping on this is a bit more fancy. More flower like I guess.


Gabriela said...

Hello from Toronto,

I found you on Etsy and followed you to your blog. I love your designs! Very talented!

Warm regards,


I Heart That! Dance said...

Aww, the pink hat is great! You do such a great job with those flowers!